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Every animated show produces tons of art that most of us never see. Here’s a peek behind the curtain. I’ve got storyboards & partial storyboards, model sheets, color backgrounds, character and prop sketches and more, including some freebies.

color_model_cels_print_adTMNT Color Model Cels

THE PRINT VERSION: Here are twenty-four pages (including cover) of character models from various episodes from the ’93 and ’94 seasons. Images include mutant April, Irma and Burne; Scumbug, a Triceraton; and others. The cels are comb-bound with a clear vinyl cover and black vinyl back. Only $16.95!

THE PDF DOWNLOAD: Same art, but not bound, in PDF format. Lots cheaper!

Not sure if this is the real deal? Get a free sample here.


color_bgs_for_download_adTMNT Color Backgrounds

These are 38 hi-res background images, used in the animation of several Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle episodes, including “Get Shredder,” “Enter Krakus,” “A Turtle In Time,” and “Mobster From Dimension X.” A full-color 44-page book, comb-bound with a clear vinyl cover and black vinyl back, for only $31.95! Shipped via US media Mail, or International First Class


Or, Download the PDF for only $8.95!



She-Ra Storyboards

shera_peril_dl 4

“The Peril of Whispering Woods” – Shadow Weaver discovers an ancient potion that can kill the plants in Whispering Woods, countering the magic which keeps the Horde out. Horde Prime’s son, Prince Zed is taken hostage and realizes just how badly the Horde treats people. He forces Hordak to stop the destruction of the Woods. Download PDF – $6.99 “The Mines of Mondor” – The King of a domain in Etheria comes to Bright Moon to ask for the Rebellion’s help in saving his captured son from the treacherous Mines of Mondor. The Rebels set off to Krytus, a neighboring land housing the mines, unaware of the dangers and tasks that lie ahead of them…Download PDF – $6.99.

Dennis the Menace model pack: background art

Forty-one pages of backgrounds (interiors and exteriors of Dennis’ home, Mr. Wilson’s house, Joey and Margaret’s homes, etc.,) from the original animated TV series.

Download a PDF for only $1.99!

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog model pack: characters

Eighty-four pages of character art, poses and props featuring all the major characters from the series: Sonic, Tails, Robotnik, Scratch & Grounder, in action poses, and ‘attitudes.’

Download a PDF for only $2.99!



The Cartoon Scripts Guaranteeteenage mutant ninja turtle scripts

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. Just return your cartoon script or other item (downloads excepted) in the same condition it was shipped to you and your purchase price will be refunded, less shipping & handling. Orders are shipped via US Postal Service Media Mail within a couple of days of receipt of payment via PayPal.

Contact us at (818) 308-5504 or if you have any questions.

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