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A great way to learn about how ExoSquad was made! First, read the show “bible” to see how the show’s creators saw things. Then get the “story arc”—the progression of plot—for ExoSquad’s initial season. Then you can read the pilot script or first episode of the show. If you’re really a fan, there are more scripts, episode outlines, artwork, and production notes.

Show bible – ONLY $9.99. This sixty-four page item is a complete description of what the show is about. History, characters, story summaries, equipment descriptions and a lot of other stuff.
The first season story arc – ONLY $7.99 Forty-seven pages outlining the story for the first 13 episodes, consisting of one five-part and two four-part miniseries.
The Pilot script – 1st miniseries – ONLY $9.99 “Fall of the Human Empire Part 1” aka “It Begins.” How it all started. 41 pages. 3rd miniseries episode four script – ONLY $9.99 “Defying Olympus. ” 47 pages.
Character model sheets – ONLY $3.99 Line drawings of stuff like JT Marsh head and expressions, gadgets and armor. 16 pages. Outline – “A Better Mousetrap” aka “Behind the Shield” – ONLY $2.99 The liberation of Venus begins with the Neo Megas activating a GRAF shield. But the GRAF is useless against cloaked Pirate ships. 6 pages.
Outline -“Call of the Unknown” – ONLY $2.99 The Able Squad fights newly arrived Typhonus’ troops in the alien complex. Suddenly, the facility starts emitting undecipherable radio signals. 6 pages. “Exo-Fax” beat sheet revised outline for “Embassy” – ONLY $0.99 Some last minute changes.
Outline – “The Gathering” – ONLY $2.99 Admiral Winfield sends Marsh and DeLeon to negotiate an alliance with the Pirate Clans against the Neosapiens. Meanwhile, the rest of Able Squad extracts the Homeworlds Resistance cell leaders to meet the Admiral. General Typhonus lays siege on Io. 4 pages. Outline – “Pirate Honor” – ONLY $2.99 Typhonus takes Simbacca prisoner to disrupt the negotiations, but Marsh, DeLeon, and a Pirate Lieutenant Hallas manage to free him and in return, the Pirate leader accepts the alliance. 5 pages.
Outline – “The First Step” – ONLY $2.99 During Exofleet’s reconquest of Mercury, Yuri Stavrogan, who is temporarily assigned to the Able Squad, rallies Kaz Takagi to go after the best pilot of the Neo Fleet, Thrax. Thrax eventually prevails but spares Takagi’s life and leads the remaining Neosapien forces to Venus. 8 pages. Outline – “Heart of Mars” – ONLY $2.99 Both Terrans and Neosapiens decide to seize the alien technology for themselves and enter the complex again. When a battle breaks out inside, the installation takes critical damage and self-destructs, destabilizing the Martian lithosphere. Able Squad (including Torres and her scouts) barely escapes the planet as it is literally blown to pieces. 12 pages.
Outline – “Fifth Column” – ONLY $2.99 Winfield orders all Resistance cells on Earth to attack Neosapiens at once and Napier’s group manages to seize a factory worth of Neosapien heavy tanks. They proceed to Phaeton City but are pinned down at the Battle Creek. Meanwhile, Galba learns about Phaeton’s doomsday device and attempts to warn Exofleet but is captured. The liberation of Earth begins.6 pages. Outline – “Warrior Brood” – ONLY $2.99 Australian Resistance leader Nick Tyree launches the liberation of Australia without permission from Napier, who travels there with the Able Squad. Before long, however, Phaeton dispatches the first generation of Neo Warriors to crush them and the survivors withdraw to Canberra. 11 pages.
Outline – “Last Stand”- ONLY $2.99 On Phaeton’s orders, General Shiva offers to spare the lives of Terrans in Canberra if they surrender and hand over Marsh, which Tyree refuses. Shiva attacks but a jumptroop regiment arrives and takes him prisoner. In exchange for his life, the General lets the Resistance go. 6 pages. Jump Troop character descriptions – ONLY $1.99
Details on the characters from the Jump Ship 6 pages.
Supplemental Character Notes – ONLY $3.99 Additional information on the ExoSquad cast. 19 pages.

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