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James Bond Jr – Show Bible $5.99 See how it all began. 52 pages of character descriptions and artwork, sample plots and show direction.

“Northern Lights” – script $5.99 The Warfield students arrive in Toronto on a clean-up project, unaware that Baron von Skarin is also in town with a scheme to hold the city’s electricity for ransom.

“The Beginning” – pilot script $5.99 En route to his new school, Warfield Academy, Bond Jr. is chased by S.C.U.M. who want to steal the Aston Martin DB5


“Weather Or Not” – script $5.99 Dr. Derange seizes the national weather satellite to gain complete control of the weather across England. He attempts to cause chaotic weather across the capital so Skullcap and his henchmen can do a series of robberies.

The Thing In The Ice” – script $5.99 An Antarctic exploration team accidentally frees a savage, tentacled monster from the ice. James and his friends, on a school scientific trip must battle the creature and fight off S.C.U.M. villains who want it for their own purposes.

“Never Give A Villain A Fair Shake” – script $5.99 Walker D. Plank hijacks a ship carrying a device capable of producing powerful earthquakes and threatens to flood Britain with a tidal wave.

 “No Time To Lose” – script $5.99 A case of mistaken identity leads Spoiler to kidnap IQ, as part of Doctor No’s plan to build an impenetrable government airship known as The Vulture.

The big Kahuna: All six scripts AND the show bible. Only $33.99.

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