Sonic the Hedgehog

The Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog – bibles, scripts and artwork

I wrote four episodes for the father and son team of Bruce and Reed Shelly. It was great working for them, as I didn’t have to deal with DIC. Available for download:

  • First draft bible
  • Final draft bible
  • First draft pilot script
  • Final draft pilot script
  • The four scripts I wrote: Momma Robotnik’s Birthday, Momma Robotnik Returns, Robo-Ninjas & Over The Hill Hero
  • Sonic artwork
  • Sonic Premises
  • Sonic Loglines
  • Bucket o’ Sonic – everything above in one ZIP file
  • FREE sample – nine pages of stuff


“Momma Robotnik’s Birthday” – script $5.99.
“Robo-Ninjas” – script $5.99.
“Momma Robotnik Returns” – script $5.99. “Over the Hill Hero” – script

Sonic Bible – 1st Draft $5.99.28 pages. Written by Bruce & Reed Shelly.
Sonic Bible – Final Draft $5.99.22 pages with revisions by Len Janson.
Sonic pilot script – 1st Draft. $5.99.46 pages. Written by Bruce & Reed Shelly.
Sonic pilot script – Final Draft $5.99.46 pages. Written by Len Janson.
Sonic artwork – character model sheets $8.99. 84 pages of black & white art. All the characters, facial expressions, props & backgrounds.
Sonic premises $1.99.11 pages from the first season. Extended descriptions of each episode’s main beats.
Sonic loglines $1.99. 11 pages. Thumbnail descriptions of episodes from the first season.
Sonic the Hedgehog everythingBucket o’ Sonic: everything you see above! Only $48.70. That’s 20% off!
Download a free sample here!


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